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We are very happy that you visited Oak Farms Market and hope you will stay with us longer. In Dairy Department you will find various types of dairy products such as milk, eggs, sour cream, cheese, yogurts or butter. These are products that require proper storage, so we provide them. Products are in refrigerators, so they preserve their properties and when you come to buy them, they will be always fresh. In our shop you will find only healthy and fresh products that come only from the proven suppliers you know and respect. This ensures that you receive the highest quality products at attractive prices. Oak Farms Market is characterized by good organization and order on our shelves. This means that our products are stacked on the shelves in a such way to make it easier for you to browse through the products. We want everything to be visible for you so you won’t miss anything.

We have a great choice in dairy products, which means that you can find something for yourself. Everyone will find something delicious! With a great variety of products, you can try something different every time you visit us. Who knows, maybe you will find something new and it will become the primary product in your kitchen.

Of course, if you have any problems or questions about our products, we encourage you to ask without hesitation all our employees. They are qualified people who always provide their help. We are here for you.


1045 E Oakton St, Des Plaines, IL 60018

ph.: (847) 795-1100

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Mon-Sun 7AM - 9PM

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