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The Bakery Department is a place where the smell is floating throughout the store that you will feel right at the entrance and will not leave you until the very end of your visit at the Oak Farms Market in Des Plaines. If your attention has been attracted this amazing scent, then you cannot refuse to try our baked goods. Their taste is just like the smell and it won’t make you forget about what you ate. At Oak Farms Market, baked goods are prepared and baked daily so we can guarantee you freshness of our products. In our offer you will find a variety of cakes, which thanks to the fact that they are prepared on the basis of traditional recipes are unique and we are sure that you will not find such anywhere else. In this section you will also find breads that you can buy either whole or sliced. We are sure that you will like our prices because they are very attractive. Oak Farms Market puts on the highest quality, so everything we produce is of the highest quality.

In our bakery there are workers who are always ready to help you, but also they make sure that the place you are in is clean and sterile. Customers are the most important to us, so we try to be able to meet every need palate.

If you are in a Bakery we invite you to visit our Deli Department, where you will find all products that perfectly match your bakery products that will make your meal unforgettable.


1045 E Oakton St, Des Plaines, IL 60018

ph.: (847) 795-1100

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Mon-Sun 7AM - 9PM

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